Within the Rocklin borders, thousands of students are attending some of the best schools anywhere in the South Placer County region. The educations received through the Rocklin School Systems provide students with the skills necessary to survive in the modern world. Creating well-rounded and highly educated students is the top priority of the community, Rocklin accomplishes this goal with high expectations for student achievement and vigorous classes fashioned to entertain and educate.

Rocklin is one of the few communities in Northern California where residents can go from primary school through college without leaving home. Please review this Rocklin Area School Guide for information on various Rocklin schools, both public and private. See for yourself why Rocklin, California is leading the charge for better education and learning opportunities for the youth of today.

Rocklin Public Schools

Rocklin Unified School District

The Rocklin Unified School District is dedicated to providing the structure and support necessary to ensure that every student receives the highest quality education to become a happy, healthy, productive member of society. Our school district is committed to developing world class students who are: 

• self-directed in their learning 
• quality producers and performers 
• constructive thinkers effective communicators in various media 
• self-confident collaborative workers 
• contributors to their communities 

(This information is cited from http://rac.rocklin.k12.ca.us. For this and more information, please visit this website) 

Special Schools Within the RUSC

Rocklin Independent School

The Rocklin Independent School is an alternative to the regular classroom setting. Here students learn at their own pace while completing assignments at home. Rocklin Independent School is a WASC Accredited K-12 based instructional program. We offer K-6 instruction as well as 7-12 grade curriculum. Students meet once a week with their instructor on the campus of the Rocklin Alternative Education Center. Under the supervision of a teacher, students are guided through courses needed to complete their grade level education, and/or meet graduation requirements.

Victory High School

Mission Statement: In a safe and supportive learning environment, we offer students choices in meeting their educational needs. We encourage personal responsibility and academic achievement -- values which will lead our students to success in both school and life.

The Rocklin Unified School District set up continuation classrooms on the Rocklin High School campus in September, 1995. It was called Victory High School. Victory High School is located across the street from Rocklin High School. It offers academic classes, as well as physical education, health, art, computer and other technology applications, and personal development.

(This information is cited from http://rac.rocklin.k12.ca.us. For this and more information, please visit this website)

Special Education Programs

The District provides special education services to preschool students, between the ages of three and five, who are identified with special needs. The District operates two special education programs for preschoolers at Rock Creek Elementary School; two programs at Parker Whitney Elementary School and a program at Ruhkala Elementary. Preschoolers who receive special education services have the opportunity to mainstream with non-disabled peers who attend the City of Rocklin preschool program.

K through 6th Graders
Special Day Class services are provided at every school site, and serve students who require specialized instruction and supports for 50% of the school day or more. The Special Day Class teacher holds a special education credential.

7th through 12th 
Special Day Class services are provided at Spring View, Granite Oaks, Rocklin High School and Whitney High School, and serve students who require specialized instruction and supports for 50% of the school day or more. The Special Day Class teacher holds a special education credential.

Based upon each individual student’s needs, a transition IEP will be initiated in the year of a student’s 16th birthday. The IEP will address identified areas of need based on each individual student. The focus of the transition IEP is to assist students in developing skills and identifying areas of interest for the next phase of life. Additionally, appropriate referrals will be made to agencies and/or programs to support student’s movement from high school. The services/supports and referrals may vary based on each individual student’s needs. They may include college or university admission, Vocational Rehabilitation, Alta Regional Center, Placer County Office of Education – Functional Skills 18-22 year old Program, PRIDE, Sierra College Disabled Student Services, various apprentice programs and other programs as appropriate.

For more information about the Rocklin Unified District or for any individual school within this district, please visit: http://www.rocklin.k12.ca.us

(This information is cited from http://rac.rocklin.k12.ca.us. For this and more information, please visit this website)

Rocklin Charter Schools

Rocklin Academy

Rocklin Academy is a Core Knowledge, public, tuition free, charter school. Rocklin Academy was developed by parents and teachers for the Rocklin area and is sponsored by the Rocklin Unified School District.

Many parents are seeking high quality educational choices for their children. Parents want more individualized attention for students. They want greater participation in their children's education, and they have high expectations of personal behavior. Many parents feel their children are capable of higher levels of academic accomplishment. Many educators are seeking the opportunity to create schools that do all these things-schools free from bureaucracy. A charter school allows both. Rocklin Academy offers a strong curriculum, outstanding teaching, a commitment to high standards, full partnerships with families, and the development of a student's full potential.

For 2006, students at Rocklin Academy achieved the highest Academic Performance Index (API) score of all schools in Placer County.

(This information is cited from http://www.rocklinacademy.com. For this and more information, please visit this website)

Maria Montessori Charter Academy
Maria Montessori Charter Academy (“MMCA”) is a tuition–free, non-profit Kindergarten – 8th grade public elementary school emphasizing the Montessori philosophy within the accountability and framework of the CA state standards. The school was founded in 2000 by a group of parents who wanted to have Montessori education available for all children, not just those who could afford a private school.

With our program, we combine what we believe are the best aspects of the Montessori philosophy with traditional “public school” materials. Our school emphasizes all of the traditional standards-based subjects – reading, spelling, language, math, etc., while also emphasizing a broader curriculum, including geography, botany, zoology art, practical life, etc. In addition, we use standard-based report cards to give parents a more accurate reflection of their child’s comparative knowledge base.

(This information is cited from http://www.mmcharter.org. For this and more information, please visit this website)

Rocklin Private Schools

Sierra Christian Academy
To partner with parents in training children in the way they should go.” (proverbs 11:6) Sierra Christian Academy commits to lead, confirm, and encourage each student to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to provide a Christian school atmosphere where the love of Christ encourages students to excel, and to reach his or her God-given potential in an environment where they can be challenged through a strong academic and spiritual program. 
(This information is cited from http://www.sierrachristianacademy.com. For this and more information, please visit this website)

The Phoenix Schools
While other schools cut programs, increase class sizes and fall short of educational expectations, The Phoenix Schools offer you and your child a world of choices, small class sizes and an educational experience that is second to none.

The newest teaching tools as well as an outstanding staff and faculty create a truly rewarding experience for your child. From the introduction of "Baby Signs", a sign language curriculum for infants starting at six weeks to the state of the art computer labs (children Pre-kindergarten to Eighth grade) you will certainly notice one thing - The Phoenix Schools are committed to teach to the “The Whole Child”. There are currently 19 Phoenix Schools throughout the greater Sacramento area, reaching communities from El Dorado Hills all the way to Dixon. Of those 19 schools, there are 2 Elementary campuses, one in Folsom (near Intel) and the other in Rocklin.
(This information is cited from http://www.phoenixschools.com. For this and more information, please visit this website)

Adventure Christian School
Our goal is to partner with parents in raising "kingdom kids" for the next generation. The administration and staff are committed to instilling a fundamental education with a spiritual foundation in each of our students. Your child will be taught the importance of making choices based on biblical principles. Character education is the theme of our Chapel Program with practical examples and challenges given to the children each week. 
(This information is cited from http://www.adventurechristianschool.org. For this and more information, please visit this website)

Creative Frontiers
Creative Frontiers presents a special environmental experience: It is our goal to provide an all-encompassing environment that encourages key learning strategies. The school was founded upon the principle concept that a child's perspective is first and foremost. A child's disposition creates the framework in which he/she performs. 
At Creative Frontiers, your child will discover the blend of nature and space as a total enhancement to the learning process. A correlation between true quality space and personal growth should be a natural combination.
(This information is cited from http://www.creativefrontiers.com. For this and more information, please visit this website)

St. John's School
St. John's has been providing an outstanding education, focused on the development of children's minds, bodies, and spirits, for over twenty-five years.
Our mission statement speaks to three things that are critical to the operation of St. John’s School:

1. First, we believe in an education of the whole child. Our curricula are designed to offer intellectual, physical, and spiritual stimulation for your child.

2. Second, we are committed to individual attention. We maintain small class sizes to ensure that your child gets the personal attention he or she needs to excel.

3. Third, we provide a Christian environment that is deeply respectful of a student population from all Christian backgrounds and other faith traditions.

(This information is cited from http://www.sjsroseville.org. For this and more information, please visit this website)

Carden Christian Academy
Carden Christian Academy was originally founded in 1980 as a Carden school. Under the same administration, Carden Christian Academy was reincorporated as a non-profit school in 2005 for the purpose of offering a unique educational opportunity to children, pre-school through junior high. As a private, independent, non-denominational Christian school, we are dedicated to developing academic excellence in a Christian environment.

Carden Christian Academy strives to produce well-rounded, confident students who have excellent academic skills. We want to awaken in each child the desire to learn and develop self-discipline and good study habits so each is equipped to meet the increasing demands of social and academic opportunities in the future. 
(This information is cited from http://cardenchristianacademy.com. For this and more information, please visit this website)

Rocklin Colleges

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