Over 150 years ago, a developer by the name Joel Parker Whitney established the first official piece of property ever in Rocklin, CA. Whitney’s choice to begin his development of Spring Valley Ranch in the area, that was to be known as Rocklin, could be contributed to many of Rocklin’s finer natural features. One could imagine that Whitney chose the Rocklin area for his 30,000 acre estate because of the region’s pleasing climate year round and gently rolling hills. Maybe it was the stunning views of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains to the northeast and to the Sutter-Butte mountain range in the West, which Rocklin boasts of. Modern day residents enjoy the proximity to the capital of the state Sacramento, allowing for easy commutes and nearby entertainment; it is possible that Whitney had the same motive. Whatever the reasoning, Rocklin’s first developed property has spurred interest in this South Placer County township for many years, an interest that continues to this very day.

According to a 2006 survey, over 50,000 California residents call Rocklin their homes and the number of new citizens continue to strengthen every year. Its convenient location to Sacramento has aided in Rocklin’s reputation as a budding high technology business center; which has attracted people to Rocklin for the past 50 years but this was not always the city’s claim to fame. In the early 1900s, Rocklin was known as the main source for granite in California. Nearly 2,000 train carloads of granite were sent out of town during this time, most of those shipments of granite were used in the construction of numerous buildings through the state, including; the state capitol building in Sacramento and many public buildings throughout the San Francisco area. Though the granite industry has since declined, Rocklin Granite still remains just as popular and can still be found in the finest kitchens and monuments across the nation.

Today’s Rocklin has matured into a center for industry as well as an ideal region for raise a family. A community that feels its strongest are its citizens and their participation within, Rocklin prides itself on its high commitment to public safety and its even higher commitment to the quality of its schools. Residents are rewarded for their dedication to their community with the finest public schools in the area and abundant safe recreational opportunities. The Rocklin Recreation Commission maintains numerous parks throughout the city, many designed to preserve the rich heritage of Rocklin including a series of old bridges found across town. These granite bridges were once a part of the Whitney Family homestead of Spring Valley Ranch, which has since dissipated. The lands of Spring Valley Ranch were then enveloped by the increasing town; Rocklin currently occupies just about 12,000 acres of the former ranch estate. The devotion to its historic roots and the commitment of its citizens have ensured a better and brighter future for residents of Rocklin, a future they wish to experience with all.

Rocklin Parks & Recreation


To the citizens of Rocklin, the striking backdrop of their Californian landscape never gets taken for granted. The city takes pride in its extensive park system and variety of activities available to the residents here. Biking, hiking, camping, horseback riding, off-highway vehicle driving, boating, rafting, skiing and snowboarding are just a fraction of activities one could participate in throughout Rocklin. Also, several public and semi-private golf courses within Rocklin welcome all to hit the links year round or enjoy the Indoor Golfplex that has 52 simulated golf courses to choose from.

For more social recreation, The City of Rocklin Community Services & Facilities offers several activities for children, adults and seniors. Community swimming pools, adult sports leagues as well as dance classes in ranging level and degree are some of the interests offered by the community of Rocklin. Visit our relocation guide and learn more about these activities and amenities as well as, classes in CPR and First Aid classes, Dog Training, ballet for children, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Aerobic Dance, yoga, fencing, youth cheerleading and more.

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Rocklin Local Events

Rocklin is known for being a close knit community, that in turn has caused Rocklin’s social event calendar to seem a bit full throughout the year but that is exactly the way Rocklin residents like it. They pride themselves on the participation of everyone in the community in producing and sponsoring these cooperative productions. Rocklin’s events have been renowned throughout the South Placer County region, such as The Rocklin Jubilee. The Rocklin Jubilee is the celebration of the town’s incorporation, which was in 1893, though the festival as only been conducted since 1968. This is the city’s largest community celebration and only continues because of the cooperative effort between the City of Rocklin, its citizens, community organizations and businesses.


Collaborative events are commonplace in Rocklin, like Rocklin’s Annual Trick-or-Treat Fair at the Rocklin Sunset Center or theatrical productions at the Finnish Temperance Hall, which features classical Broadway musicals four times a year. Only a community with such dedication to itself like Rocklin California can boast so many events for its citizens to take part in. Visit our relocation guide for more information on other Rocklin events and happenings.

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