Amid red clay lands of the Sierra Nevada foothills lies a relatively new community, one abundant with redbud trees, Manzanita bushes, gray pines, and oak trees. This Northern California Gold Country Township is called Cameron Park, an area prime in location, climate and landscape. Cameron Park, with its tree covered hills and plentiful flora, is home to just about 15,000 California residents. Many of Cameron Park’s residents enjoy its short distance to recreational areas and its even shorter distance to the state’s capital, the town is approximately 30 miles east of Sacramento and 70 miles west of South Lake Tahoe.

Cameron Park’s unique topography among the Northern Californian hills makes it an area with an ideal climate year around, with warm days and cooler nights. Seasons seem to blend together while still retaining their respectable charms; autumns tend to be "extended summers" and winters only bring a delicate dusting of snow every few years. Cameron Park has its 1400 foot above sea level elevation, slightly above the fog line and below the snow line, to thank for these comfortable seasons and matchless scenery.

The scenery of Cameron Park and its surrounding areas was once the home to the Niesnan branch of the Maidu Indians, whose grinding rocks and burial mounds are still visible throughout Cameron Park. Major development of the land began in the 1950s when Larry Cameron purchased 5000 foothill acres of future Cameron Park landscape. Cameron, the namesake of this township, originally bought the land for ranching purposes. Since those years, Cameron Park has been divided into many different lots for residential housing; including ranch-sized properties and high density residential neighborhoods. One of Cameron Park’s most exceptional neighborhoods is that of Cameron Airpark Estates.

Residents of Cameron Park that prefer to commute with aircraft rather than automobile will find the Cameron Airpark Estates was truly made just for them. Wide streets that double as taxiways leading from the homes to the adjacent airport and aircraft hangers that house personal airplanes, Cameron Airparks Estates’ features place this residential subdivision in a class all its own. Residential opportunities in Cameron Park are not solely based on resident’s airplane status; Cameron Park contains a mix of large ranches, single family homes, and apartments.

Combined with excellent schools, quality healthcare facilities, a championship golf course and country club, a recreational lake, diverse shopping districts and many national businesses, Cameron Park stands high above other residential communities in the Northern California Gold Country region.

Cameron Park Parks & Recreation

With such an accommodating climate like the one Cameron Park is graced with allows for citizens to take part in many outdoor entertainment activities. Many of which are sponsored by The Cameron Park Recreation Department. The Cameron Park Recreation Department provides residents and visitors alike with many activities at the District’s parks, lakes, playing fields and other various open spaces. And water fun can be experienced at Cameron Park’s own Cameron Park Lake facility, offering season passes for all users wishing to get in more than just a day of lakeside fun. 

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